Novice & Veteran Working Tests Saturday 4 May

at East Garston by kind permission of Mr Freddie Tulloch

After all the rain the sun shone for us. So not only did we have fabulous ground on which to stretch the novice dogs, and put our veterans through their paces, we also enjoyed delightful views across the hills.

With many thanks to our judges: Mr Martin Bagg, Mrs Kirsty Harris, Mr Ian Scutter & Mr Terry Souter.

The awards:


1st Saintmartha Tosca handled by Jane Hunter

2nd Pedebouc Summer handled by Anthony Stewart

3rd Oaklyfield Nugget handled by Emma Mills

4th Boggwater Fifty Pounds handled by George Hodgson

CoM Chatervalley Amber handled by Linda Smith


1st Suthcharic Freya handled by Sue Berman

2nd Millerise Jacob handled by David Miller

3rd Millerise Jemima handled by Janice Miller

As always a big thank you to our helpers and to those they left at home looking after things so that we could run this day. It is always a big team effort.

Novice and Veteran Working Tests 2024

Open Retriever Working Test

6 April 2024 held at Copyhold Farm

By Kind Permission of Dr R & Mrs S Berman

First a very big thank you to our hosts for their generosity & support. Lovely varied ground over which to stretch some very good dogs. Thank you too to our brilliant team of judges: Sue Berman, Alan Buckland, Bob Marcham & John Stubbs.

The results - after a run off for 2nd & 4th:

1st Bolebrokeold Burnet By Parrockbrook handle by Gill Sweeting

2nd Movenne Acorn At Peterspond handled by Karen Handley

3rd Abbotsann Firefly handled by John Scott

4th Riverlily Sunny Sunshine Of Galicombe handled Harriet Newcombe


Gwidigada Bombay Sapphire handled by Jennifer Thomas

Sintonsand Slingsby Of Quails by handled by Izzy Riley

Gwidigada Affinity At Dipplelodge handled by Barbara Kuen

Troddenmills If Only handled by Robert Small

Lyebreach Golden Eagle Of Riverlily handled by Abbie Reid

Putting on a test involves so many & without the generosity of all none of this is possible including our many helpers. Our WT Secretary Coral Meakes, on behalf of Team Kennet, thank you again for giving up your time, and to those at home looking after your dogs allowing us to do what we love.